Benefits of Hybrid Schools

Hybrid Schools Houston

The Hybrid School Model

Hybrid schools educate student both on campus and in their homes. Students have split schedules which requires them to attend a traditional school setting certain days of the week, while remaining at home for the remaining days of the week.  For many families, Hybrid Schools have come to fill the void left behind by public schools, private schools, and home schools.  

Concerns with Private & Public Schools

The past decade has seen a boom in hybrid model schools. Academic standards in public schools continue to deteriorate while private school tuitions continue to rise. For many, hybrid schools have come to bridge the gap between the failing public education system and the unattainable cost of private schools.  

Concerns with Homeschools

Homeschooling is, arguably, the oldest learning institution; but it too has developed its fair share of bad publicity. Concerns about a child's ability to develop "social skills" abound. There is also the concern about athletic development and growth. More serious concerns center around home testing and parental bias when it comes to grading and advancing a child from one grade to the next.  Be that as it may, hybrid schools have come a long way in addressing these and other concerns and they are thriving. 

6 Benefits of Hybrid Schools

  1. Hybrid schools offer a higher academic rigor than do public schools.

  2. Hybrid schools can be more affordable than many private schools.

  3. Hybrid schools often teach subjects in a classical university model.

  4. Hybrid schools offer all the benefits of private and homeschool education

  5. Hybrid schools eliminate many of the pitfalls that come with private, public, and traditional homeschools.

  6. Hybrid schools offer high academic rigor which can be tailored to individual students.