Sports Philosophy

We believe sports are an integral part of the development of our student athletes. Our pre-grammar and grammar students are involved in a variety of sports through West Houston Christian Sports Association (WHCSA) and other local sports associations. Please join other Paratus families and students who actively participate in these leagues. The cost to participate ranges from $140-$150 per sport, per season. Sports are an excellent opportunity for young students to grow and learn as student-athletes show moments of brilliance and score hard fought goals. Sports unifies, entertains, and pushes our limits, and that spirit is alive and well at Paratus Classical Academy. 




"I learned all about life, with a ball at my feet" - Pelé


Paratus Academy Jogo Bonito


Paratus Academy Soccer as a sport

Sports Expectation

We want to intentional develop good sportsmanship, whether we win or lose, which is first modeled by our parents and in our practice efforts.  You can expect our staff and parent coaches to care about not just your child's athletic development, but, also, their spiritual development, which is why we end each after-school practice and games with a prayer.  Typically, practices are held after school on campus days, while games are on Saturdays at Christian Churches and schools throughout our local community in West Houston.


Sports Community

We care very much about our community here at Paratus, and with that said, we are constantly looking for ways to invite and involve parents to be active participants in our community. Sports affords us a gateway to interact while supporting and exposing our kids to team sports. Not only do parents play a decisive role in the academic regimen of their child, but they also play a part in the physical development of our their children, which is why all game day coaches at this age are parent volunteers.  


Figure Skating

Paratus students enjoy figure skating, off-ice ballet, and hockey on Thursday mornings with professional coaches from Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall.  The skating opportunity allows for some physical activity on a satellite day.  Study rooms are available alongside the rink where students can work together on home assignments and group projects following the clinic.  Many Paratus students participate in the "Nutcracker on Ice" performance in December.  Siblings as young as age 2 are welcome to join in the "Learn to Skate" clinic.  It is a great opportunity to build community, see other satellite teachers in action, which allowing your kids some less structured times to connect and learn.