Our Volunteer Army is a key aspect of growing our community and in creating an opportunity to serve one another. Our volunteer parents support our sports, our missions, and our school all throughout the year. Paratus has a variety of volunteer opportunities. What follows is a comprehensive list of the different areas in which parents can contribute to the success of our school.

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Special Teams & Committees

  • Prayer Team

  • Missions & Service Team

  • Technology Team

  • Photography & Yearbook Team

  • Classroom Parents

  • Art & Creative Team

  • Music & Production Team

  • Costuming Team

  • Hospitality Team

  • Chinese Cultural Experience Team

  • Spanish Cultural Experience Team

  • Mom’s Night Hostess

Grade-Level Events

  • PreK: Thanksgiving Feast

  • Kindergarten: Grandparents Day

  • 1st Grade: Go-Texan Day

  • 2nd Grade: Las Posadas

  • 3rd Grade: Father/Daughter Dance

  • 4th Grade: Spelling Bee

  • 5th – 10th Grade: Mother/Son Event


  • Soccer Coaching

  • Basketball Coaching

  • Baseball/Softball Coaching

  • Field Day Planning and Preparation

  • Field Day

Campus Day

  • Office Reception

  • Lunch Assistant

  • Centers Assistant

  • Class Read-Aloud (arranged directly with teacher)

Please click through the tabs on the parent volunteer sign-up sheet and input your name where you are willing to serve.  


Special Teams & Committees


Prayer Team

  • Commit to pray for the Paratus Classical Academy community

  • Coordinate prayer needs and any prayer meetings

  • Work with the Hospitality Team to obtain special prayer needs as they arise through the year

Missions & Service Team

  • Plan details of assigned service projects

  • Provide all details to administration for timely communication

  • Facilitate activity and guide parents and students during the event

  • Facilitate with any necessary pre-training needed for parents and students prior to the event

Technology Team

  • Run technology and sound for productions

  • Create videos for productions and events

  • Assist fellow families with Class-reach set-up and use

Photography & Yearbook Team

  • Photograph campus day activities and upload to Yearbook Site

  • Photograph Paratus community events and upload to Yearbook Site

  • Take individual school headshots and upload to Yearbook Site

  • Take class groups photos and upload to Yearbook Site

  • Create yearbook layout within Yearbook Site and input all photos

Classroom Parents

  • Assist teacher in field trip coordination

  • Effectively communicate with families in class

  • Coordinate prayer needs, class enrichment activities, and group gifts

  • Attend the class parent volunteer meeting (Wednesday, Week 2)

  • Assist teacher with volunteer needs throughout the year

Art & Creative Team

  • Decorate for various events throughout the year

  • Bulletin board decorating and refreshing throughout the year

  • Assist with art show needs: set-up, clean-up, refreshments

  • Create sets, backdrops, and props as needed for productions

Music & Production Team

(December, Year-End, Talent Show, 3 Music Productions)

  • Collect music from parents and teachers for productions

  • Compile and order music on a CD or other media format

  • Cue music during productions and assist in rehearsals

  • Assist music director to order and facilitate program and move students

  • Assist in rehearsal and performance set-up: transport instruments, props, set, and stage

  • Accompany music rehearsals and productions: piano, guitar, violin, etc.

Costuming Team

  • Create and sew, costumes
    Locate costume pieces among our community (budget/thrift shopping)

Hospitality Team

  • Attend information meetings and speak with prospective families to answer questions and give a parent prospective at information meeting

  • Create a family directory to be posted to Class Reach

  • Coordinate care calendars as needs arise within the Paratus community

  • Follow-up with families to ascertain prayer needs and communicate to the prayer team

  • Welcome new families by speaking with them at the beginning of the school year as they become acclimated to Paratus

Chinese Cultural Experience Team

  • Assist in the planning and execution of cultural events

  • Plan Chinese crafts and activities

  • Cook or donate Chinese food for events and classroom experiences

Spanish Cultural Experience Team

  • Assist in the planning and execution of cultural events

  • Plan Spanish crafts and activities

  • Cook or donate Spanish food for events.

Mom’s Night Hostess

  • Open your home to Paratus moms from 6:30-9:30 on selected dates

  • Provide water

  • Attending moms will sign up to bring snacks and treats

Grade-Level Events

PreK: Thanksgiving Feast

  • Provide food and decorations lunch-time feast

  • Set up, serve, and clean

  • Help create student craft costume

Kindergarten: Grandparents Day

  • Provide food and decorations

  • Set up, serve, and clean

  • Create a seating chart

  • Help students make grandparent gifts (student crafts)

  • Create Grandparent name tags, gift bags

1st Grade: Talent Show

  • Collect student performer information

  • Have L&R students audition for MC

  • Set-up and decorate as needed

  • Collect and arrange music and other media

  • Run sound and video during the show

  • Help students move on and off stage

  • Video & Photograph

2nd Grade: Las Posadas

  • Facilitate food and volunteer sign-up

  • Provide decorations and props as needed

  • Set up, serve, and clean

  • Provide costumes as needed

  • Create a flow of activities and assign one person to communicate

3rd Grade: Father/Daughter Dance

  • Provide food and decorations

  • Set up, serve, and clean

  • Coordinate music: live and/or recorded

  • Have music pre-approved through school media approval process

  • Create electronic invitation and prepare for number of attendees

4th Grade: Spelling Bee

  • Create reward ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for each grade

  • Decorate & clean up

  • ideo & Photograph

5th – 10th Grade: Mother/Son Event

  • Come up with an active event for mothers and sons

  • provide food and decorations