Football is a dynamic sport that teaches players grit, teamwork, perseverance, and competition. Football requires preparation, attention to detail, athletic ability, and an intellectual acumen. The game is fitting for players with varied skill sets. A Football team is composed of role players. Each player has a role to play. Some players are called to use their strength while others their speed, but what Football requires out of all its players is grit, tenacity, and endurance. 



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American football, as we know it today, traces its roots to association football and rugby football. The rule changes made by Walter Camp, at Yale University, earned him the unofficial title of "Father of American Football." The changes instituted by Walter included the introduction of the line of scrimmage. The changes also included down-and-distance rules and the legalization of blocking. The forward pass was introduced soon after, developed the sport in the early 19th and 20th centuries into what we know today. 

What are the benefits to playing football?


Football is a physically demanding sport which presents our players with the opportunity to improve their agility, speed, strength, and hand-eye coordination. Like most sports, Football also improves the cardiovascular endurance of our players. 


Football is a game of incremental gains. It is a game measured in inches. The margin of error between advancing to a new set of downs, scoring at the end of a long drive, is minimal. The difference between winning and taking a loss is almost always in the details and the level of preparation. Winning and losing are often defined by one dropped pass, one mental error, or one wrong first step. Kids who choose to play the game of Football soon realize that discipline is a major key to success. 


Let's be honest, on most days, putting on several pounds of gear, a helmet, and walking out to a sunny field just doesn't seem like fun, but practice is a vital part of earning a win. Preparation is required in order to be successful in Football. Players will learn the value of a good work ethic while they master the game of Football, and a good work ethic will benefit them long after their football years. 


If ever there has been a team sport, it is Football. Each player has a role on the field, and the success of every play is dependent on each player doing his part as part of a team. Football comes with tremendous accountability from both coaches and players alike. Teamwork is a life skill that teaches our players how to work with others. 


Football is one of the most physically tough sports on the planet. Bumps and bruises are guaranteed and impossible to avoid. The injuries are sure to heal over time, but not before players learn to overcome their pain, while remaining focused on the task at hand. 


Football also teaches mental toughness. Failure lurks just around every corner, and it doesn't take long before a discouraging situation arises. Players learn to overcome these setbacks, press on, and endure through to small successes and ultimately victory. It is not easy to bounce back from dropping a pass in front of loved ones or from a fumble that resulted in a loss, but players learn to overcome these failures through mental toughness.