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Paratus Classical Community

Our University-Model® education combines accountability with leadership. We expose our students to both a classroom learning environment and the benefits of one-on-one satellite work. 


Paratus Classical Academy Classroom

A Classical methodology incorporates three stages of learning (Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric), also known as the Trivium. Each stage serves a purpose in the education of our students. 


Paratus Classical Academy Gym

Paratus offers several sports including, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, 6 man football, & basketball. Paratus has recently renovated its gym to enhance our students experience in sports and community. 


“Paratus Classical Academy has been the perfect balance for our family allowing us more time and involvement with our children, while allowing them to benefit from traditional Private school rigor and experience. The teachers are unparalleled. Thank you for the hard work!”

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1610 Campbell Road, Houston TX 77055