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New York City & Philadelphia J-Term

New York City & Philadelphia Trip

Dear Paratus Families,

William Blake, English artist and poet, once said, “Traveling abroad is a progressive exercise in the discovery of our own ignorance.” I agree that learning is to be a lifelong exercise and that the more we learn the more we realize we don’t know. So then we must recapture the vision that travel is an indispensable tool of truly classical learning, as travel, more than mere book learnin’, shows us how little we really know, and by doing so, helps us to become truly wise.

As discussed at our Q2 Parent Update, we will be taking our next pilot trip to the “Big Apple” and the “City of Brotherly Love” for the J-Term break. While these cities aren’t exactly the “traveling abroad” William Blake envisioned, Paratus’ J-Term Trip is intended to be educational in nature, and also to be family friendly.

Therefore, the J-Term Trip operates as follows:

  1. Each student must be accompanied by a parent or sponsoring parent

  2. Families secure their own travel and accommodation (air, land, subways, taxis, Uber, and hotel)

  3. Paratus provides the master itinerary and educational experiences for the trip

Families may choose to stay with the Paratus Group at the main hotel or at a different lodging of their choosing.



Paratus Hotels

Paratus Homeschool Field Trips

Hyatt House

Tel: 201-395-0500

Classical Education Field Trips

Holiday Inn Express

Tel: 215-627-7900



Travel Plans


  • Newark Liberty (closest to the hotel)

  • LaGuardia

  • Philadelphia International

Dates of travel:

January 2nd – 6th (2nd and 6th reserved for travel)

Estimated Site Costs:

  • Liberty Island (Ferry Included): $26-$29

  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum: $26

  • MMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art): $25

  • Betsy Ross House: $7

  • Christ Church: $3



Ground Transportation Info

Getting from NJ/Jersey City-NY:

Getting around NYC:

Getting from NYC-Philly:



General Itinerary

New York City: Statue of Liberty (including the crown), 9/11 Memorial, Trinity Church, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, MMA

Philadelphia: Elfreth’s Ally, Betsy Ross House, Christ Church, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Worship on Sunday, January 6 (optional): Tenth Presbyterian.1

NOTE: If you wish, you are free to depart for Houston after the end of our tour in Philadelphia on Saturday, 5 January. Sunday worship on 6 January is optional.